3 Important Factors of Web Psychology

Web psychology is the study of how our online environments affect our behavior and attitudes. Below, well discuss a few factors to keep in mind while designing your website.


Our brains have mirror neurons, which activate when we watch someone perform an activity, without doing anything ourselves. So don't underestimate the power of imagery. Use photos of happy people on your site to make your website visitors feel happy, and convince them that they too will be happy using your product.

Hick–Hyman law

An individual becomes more hesitant to make a decision about what option to choose when they have more options to choose from. This is known as Hick's law. Keep this in mind when creating "Call to Action" buttons on your site. Too many will overwhelm your visitors, and they will have a harder time deciding what "Call to Action" to interact with.

Color psychology

Colors convey meanings and emotions that can be used to create a desired response from website visitors. Colors can affect how a user perceives a website, so it's important to use them wisely. Read our last post for an in depth explanation of color psychology!

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