Using a Smartphone for Product Photography

With recent technology advances, you can capture professional-quality images of your products from your smartphone. See for yourself how powerful your smartphone camera can be with a few winners from this year's iPhone photography awards.

Here’s a few tips you can use when capturing photos of your products with a smartphone:

1. Use A Room With Good Lighting

A well-lit window will help you bring your product to life; the bigger the window, the more natural light you will have.

2. Choose Your Phone Wisely

If possible, use a newer model with a 12-megapixel camera or higher, since the more pixels there are, the better the product photography.

3. Use A White Backdrop For Your Photos

The white backdrop reflects natural light over the product, as well as makes editing easier if the background needs to be removed.

4. Edit Your Photos

There are countless options for photo editing on your phone and computer that you don't have to pay for. A few are Instagram, Vsco, and Pixlr. You can remove backgrounds with Lunapic.

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