Using Negative Space in Your Logo Design to Create a Hidden Message

You can incorporate negative space into your design (also known as white space) to create an illusion of a figure or hidden message without actually creating anything in the space at all. Sounds confusing, right? Let's make it make sense.

Take a look at the Baskin Robbins Logo. Have you ever noticed the numbers 3 and 1? What does it stand for?

There are 31 distinct flavors of ice cream available at Baskin Robbins. They use that famous number to define their logo, acting as the stem of their "R" and the curve of their "B".

Here's another example: The Fedex Logo. Have you ever realized the arrow between the letter “e” and “x”? This is yet another brilliant example of use of negative space.

Rather than creating anything directly on the negative space, other objects in the design are positioned in a precise way to help to highlight the figure. When customers discover the hidden figure, they will realize it carries some message related to the theme of the brand, creating an element of surprise for the design.

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